What is Today in Tech?

Today in Tech is a news platform where you can get daily curated stories about the world of technologies, startup founders, makers, and investors.

We are encouraging our Users to share the news about the technology world with us, and we will help these stories to meet the community.

We try to put the most impactful stories from you on our homepage while extracting the essential from each of them, in order, you could get the information as quickly as possible, and as valuable as it can be.

Every type of content that gets to our Platform has its topic (by the way you can always check what topics you are following and add some more). You can choose the topic you prefer to dive into at the moment by pressing the arrow to the right from the Today in Tech headliner.

We have a mention section where you can find people and companies who are the main heroes of the story. That gives credits to the authors, who create the content, and gives you quick access to a certain User or Company profile if you are interested in what they are doing (or even if they are hiring ☺ )

Comments and discussion help us to understand what content you would better get and makes our work more valuable. And besides, comments and thoughts sharing extends your connection network, and who knows, maybe somewhere there you may find your future teammate/dream job/best startup to invest in (here is a nice example of a thread that shows what we do mean here).

Of course, we won’t accept discrimination or overtly offensive comments

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