Why was my comment removed from Today in Tech?

Comments, discussions, or any other form of user-submitted content may be subject to removal if it violates our submission guidelines.

Commenting on stories helps gather Users’ opinions on the topic, and it opens the door for important discussions to occur. It is important; however, that these discussions remain respectful and free of abusive language.

You can find examples of inappropriate  content below:

  • Offensive - Content containing threatening/violent/abusive language or directly/indirectly attacks individuals/groups will be removed.
  • Off-topic - Today in Tech, a news platform. Stories outside of these areas of interest may be removed.
  • Spam - Content, especially comments submitted with the sole purpose of advertising something unrelated, will be removed. Additionally, mass or repeated submitting of the same product will result in the content being flagged for removal.

A violation of these guidelines may result in the removal of your content and a possible suspension of your account. If your account or content has been flagged, you can reach out to us for more information.

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