How do I Promote a Job?

Once your job is live make it stand out even more by promoting it.

Promoting your job will showcase it to more qualified candidates who match what you're looking for. 

Salary information is not required for promoted jobs. When using Promoted jobs this will override 'Limited Distribution' caused by posting a job without a salary and it will allow your promoted jobs to show in organic search results in addition to special placement based on your job promotion settings. 

To promote a job: 

1. Sign into an account connected to your company profile. 

2. In recruiter mode, click on Jobs from your top tool bar. 

3. Find your active jobs from the left hand column. 

4. Click on the job you would like to promote. 

5. Click on promote job beside edit job in the job editing area. 

6. A new view will appear that will allow you to adjust the tags for the job, control the monthly spend for the promotion, and preview the estimated reach. 

7. When you're ready click Promote at the bottom right hand corner. Your promotion is on a monthly subscription until you actively cancel before the next subscription period. 

Tip: Make sure to take the time to add all relevant search tags to your promotion This is what allows your promoted posting to come up in more relevant searches. For example, if you are hiring in 'San Francisco', but are mostly remote and would be happy to include 'Palo Alto' include that tag as well as 'California'  to get better responses. 

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