How does ATS Job sync work ? And how long does it take?

How do jobs get updated in AngelList

When an ATS is connected, Job postings sync every 12 hours. This means any changes that are made to your job in your ATS will be reflected on AngelList within 12 hours.

Listings that are synced with your ATS will have a green sync icon next to the title as shown below:

What information is syncing over?

For each role that is synced to your ATS, certain fields will be grayed out (as shown below) because they will use the data in your ATS. To edit these areas you must change them directly through the ATS job posting. Because Job posting sync happens every 12 hours there will be a delay in updating this information through Angellist. 

The fields are:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Location(s) 

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