How do we sync new jobs with our ATS?

How your new jobs get synced to AngelList will be determined by the configuration setting you have for your ATS settings. 

To adjust ATS sync settings : 

  1. Sign into your profile related to your account.
  2. Go to your Settings button which is a gear icon in the top right corner or open
  3. Select ATS or go to the Integrations page
  4. Check to see if you have Automatic Imports enabled (see below ) 

If automatic imports enabled:

Any new jobs that are posted in your ATS will automatically be posted to AngelList within 12 hours.

If automatic imports is not enabled:

Any new jobs that are posted in your ATS will show up on your Integrations tab under the Unsynced Jobs section as shown below. Follow the instructions to add the new job to your AngelList account. 


Any jobs that you do not want to import (or that you’ve previously selected not to import) will show up with the Do Not Import field.

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