Can I choose which new jobs to post from our ATS?

If you need help with pairing jobs please see this article:  How do I pair a job and manage job pairings for our ATS?

Once you finish pairing any of your existing jobs with their corresponding roles in your ATS, you will get the option to select which jobs you want post and sync to your AngelList account.

Follow the instructions to select the desired roles. Individual listings will be grouped by their role category as shown below

If you have listings that our system couldn’t map to a relevant role category, you will be asked to describe the role function as shown below. After selecting the most relevant category, make sure to check the listings to ensure it gets posted.

image.pngOnce you finish selecting which roles to post to AngelList, click the Post selected jobs button. Your roles will be shared with users and you will be taken to your recruiting dashboard to make edits to improve their distribution.

How can I make sure any future jobs I post to my ATS get added to AngelList?

When selecting which new jobs to post, you will have the option to automatically import new jobs as they are posted in your ATS as shown below. You can configure this setting at any time after you finish connecting your ATS.

To set this feature :

1. Sign into an account connected to your company profile. 

2. Go to your Settings, a gear icon in top right corner of your dashboard. 

3. Select ATS from the drop down or go directly to your ATS Integrations tab

4. Scroll down and turn on Automatically import new jobs as they are posted in (ATS NAME). 


What happens after I post my new jobs

After selecting which new jobs to post, you have completed your integration! You will be taken to your listings to review your synced jobs and make any changes. We encourage you to edit each role and add salary data to improve the distribution of your newly posted jobs.

You can always manage the settings of your integration on your ATS Integrations tab

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