How do I add a recruiting contact or subscriber to a singular job posting?

Each company recruiting dashboard has the ability to have a main recruiting contact. To set that please click here for directions. 

You may want to subscribe to follow along with a job posting progress or become the recruiting contact for a specific job posting. You can set that by following the directions below. 

In addition, if you want to change your email to a work email you can follow this guide on adding it to your account here, and then manually update it to the job postings by following this guide. 

How to add a recruiting contact or subscriber to a singular job posting:

1. Sign into an account connected to your company profile. 

2. Click on Jobs from the top tool bar

3. Click on the job you want to add contacts to. 

4. Click on Edit Job from the top tool bar or job posting header. 

5. Scroll down to find Recruiting Contact

6. Add Primary Recruiting Contact by using the drop down list of those with recruiting or admin access. 

7. And/or add a Subscriber by choosing from the drop down list of those with recruiting or admin access.

8. Please make sure to press Save Changes in the top left to secure the change. 

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