How do I add a work email to my recruiting account?

Each recruiter for a company has the opportunity to add a work email so that they can get notifications on job posting progress and applicant interactions sent to your work related email instead of the personal or other email you may use for your account login. 

To do add a Work Email to your recruiting account profile:

1. Sign into an account connected to your company profile. 
2. Go to the gear icon in the left hand corner of the recruit dashboard. 
3. Select Account
4. Then find the Work Email field and add in the company email you want to use for notifications about the job posting status and applicant interactions. 
6. Once this email is verified you will then need to apply the work email to the recruiting contact/subscriber section in each job listing that you would like notifications on. To do that please follow this guide: How do I add a recruiting contact or subscriber to a singular job posting?

Please note: Candidates do not view your personal or work email directly when corresponding.  Work email is simply where system notifications are sent to update you. 

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