How do I upload my resume?

Important: While updating a resume is important, it is crucial to still transcribe your skills, work history and education directly into your profile. When the information is added to your profile directly, this becomes the information that facilitates candidate search for recruiters within our platform. Without adding the information directly into your profile you will not be properly seen by potential employers or connections. 

To upload a resume to your job profile: 

1. Sign into your account at

2. Click on Jobs  from the left hand column, or click here. 

3. Click on your avatar in the top right corner. 

4. Click on Edit Profile. This is the editing area for the profile that shows to company's when viewing your details. 

5.  From the Edit Profile page, select Resume/CV from the top tool bar. 

6.  Click on the PDF icon where it says Upload new File. From here a window will appear to select a file from your computer to upload a resume. The resume file must be a PDF or .txt file. 

7. Once you click Open the resume will load and be available to companies to view. 

If you're having trouble uploading your resume, please try these two actions: 

1. Try the latest desktop version of Chrome or Safari. 

2. Ensure that your resume is a PDF, or .txt file. 

These are the two most common causes for resume issues.

To reduce resume file size for uploading:

  • Make sure to embed your fonts when exporting your PDF to keep it optimized
  • Make sure to export your PDFs in a small-file, compressed file. If you’re using Adobe Illustrator, you can click Save As PDF, and then choose the preset for the” Smallest File Size”
  • Make sure to use low-medium res images, using a hi-res image will add to the overall size of the PDF which will make it difficult for our system to parse.
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