How do I connect our Lever ATS?

To connect to Lever, you will need: 

  • API access.
  • Super Admin access

Don't have API Access?

You can send instructions to a Lever Super Admin. Enter your colleague's name or email in the text box below.

Not sure who on your team has admin access?

You can see a full list of users and their permissions by navigating to this page while signed in:

To connect Lever ATS : 

  1. Sign in to your profile related to your account.
  2. Go to your Settings button, which is a gear in the top right corner and press ATS Integrations or open
  3. Select Lever as your preferred ATS

4. Follow the instructions to set up on the page under Setup instructions for Lever admin

5. Enter the API key into the box beside step #4. 

6. Press Connect to Lever. Once you've entered your API key, we'll automatically pull in your public job postings from Lever.

7. Important: Navigate to Jobs from the top toolbar and add a salary or equity for each ATS synced job post to prevent limited distribution. Please follow this guide: How do I add a salary or equity range for a job post?

Please see this guide to learn about limited distribution: What does it mean if my listings have "Limited Distribution"?

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