How do I show candidates who they will work with?

You can add a list of coworkers related to the position on a job posting. This offers candidates a valuable view into who they will work in the role.

To edit/add coworkers to a job position: 

1. Sign in to an account connected to your company profile. 

2. Go to Jobs from the top toolbar or click here.

3. Find the job you want to edit from the left-hand toolbar or press Post Job to begin a new posting. Please see this article for the overall guide to post a job: How do I post a job? 

4. Scroll down to section 3. Tag Coworkers and select the relevant coworkers from the drop-down. 

5. Press Publish in the top right corner of the editing page to complete. 

Once the job is published, the list of coworkers will show on the job posting. The icons for the coworkers link to their profiles. That way, the prospective candidates can view the team in more detail. Recruiters and existing teammates should take the time to update their profiles. 

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