How do I Reject an applicant? Does it send a message?

To manage your rejection of a candidate

1. Sign in to an account connected to your company profile. 

2. In recruiter mode, navigate to Applicants from the top toolbar or click here. 

3. You can hit reject or reject with a note indicated by the red notepad icon on the applicant card. 

Three Methods to Reject an Applicant

1. Reject with an automated message

The candidate will be notified with this auto message : 

2. Reject with a personalized message

If you reject a note, it will include a personalized message with the automated message above. 

3. Allow the application to expire

It takes two weeks of inactivity for an application to expire. If the application expires before you respond, we send this email: 

5. Once a candidate is rejected, they cannot reach out to the company. 

Please note: Applicants for ATS synced jobs will not be sent rejection notices. Their applications will show as 'status updates offline' to indicate that the management of their application is done from an external service. 

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