How do I change my ATS?

If your team switches ATS providers, you can disconnect your ATS and then follow through with making a new connection to either Workable, Lever, or Greenhouse.

Below, we have instructions on disconnecting and the links for making new connections. 

To disconnect your ATS : 

1. Sign in to your profile related to your account.

2. Go to your settings button, a gear in the top right corner.

3. Hover over to reveal the drop-down, select  ATS Integrations, or press this link for the integrations page directly. 

4. Then press Disconnect in the top right corner. 

To connect a new ATS, please follow this guide.

ATS Specific guides : 

To connect to Workable, click here

To connect to Greenhouse, click here

To connect to Lever, click here.

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