How do I view a candidate's resume?

Where do I find a candidate's resume link?

Resumes are visible on candidate cards throughout the recruiting dashboard. Candidates are not forced to add resumes; if attached, you will find the resume link in the top right corner of a candidate card. Please see the image below: image.png

How do I view a direct applicant's resume?

Resumes are viewable for everyone with general recruiter access after a candidate applies directly to a job.

To View applicants in 'Applications' :

Navigate by pressing ' Applicants' from the top toolbar or click here.

How do I view a Matched candidate's resume?

For information on how candidates get matched, please click here. Once candidates have become matches, A recruiter can view resumes on candidate cards in these separate areas:

Global Search Results

For a guide, please click here.


Navigate by pressing 'Conversations' from the top toolbar or click here.


Navigate by pressing ' Track' from the top toolbar or click here.

How do I view the resume of candidates that have not directly applied or been matched yet?

To view a candidate's resume that has not yet been matched or applied directly, you will need a Recruit Pro subscription, and you will need to view the candidate in Source (navigation directions below). Please follow this guide to upgrade.

To view candidates in Source:

Press ' Source' from the top toolbar or click here. 

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