What are AngelList Assessments?

Quizzes or exercises you can take to show off your skillsets. Take one of our engineering assessments - across frontend, backend, iOS, or Android - or complete a video assessment where you can answer a question over video. Recruiters love seeing these as a way to understand more about you.

Currently, in Beta, AngelList Assessments allows candidates to take assessment tests to exhibit their proficiency to prospective companies. 

How to take an Assessment

1. Sign in to an account connected to www.angel.co

2. Go to Jobs from the top toolbar or go here. 

3. On the left-hand column, click on Assessments 

4. From the new page, click on the assessment you would like to take. Once clicked, a window will appear with the assessment details. 

5. Once you press start you will be launched into a series of timed questions. You can retake an assessment once every 90 days. Please make sure you have enough time to finish the assessment before starting this as the assessments cannot be refreshed. 

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