What is the pricing for Curated?

Curated is AngelList's premium recruiting tool that is an add-on on top of AngelList Source. Curated allows companies to hire top talent directly from our vetted pool of Curated candidates. 

Currently, Curated includes candidates in the United States who are: 

  • software engineers
  • product managers
  • data scientists
  • designers
  • sales reps 

How much does Curated Cost? 

We have different pricing options depending on your hiring needs and how much your company has raised so far. Our default plan is $250 per seat per month plus a 20% success fee based on the candidate's base salary. 

For teams hiring more than 1 person, we offer subscription plans. Pricing can be discussed with your AngelList rep. Once you've been approved for curated you will be assigned a representative. You can learn more about our general recruiting pricing here. Startup Subscriptions offer a flat rate for unlimited Curated hires and includes sourcing support through our team. 

Learn more at about Curated here.

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