I'm no longer permitted to use AngelList - what do I do?

Sometimes access to AngelList Talent may be suspended due to violations of our terms of service, violations of AngelList Talent rules or one of the filters we use to better the experience for all involved on the platform.

In cases where you feel such action is unwarranted AND you are trying to regain access as an AngelList Talent user--we ask that you send an email to moderation@angel.co.

Be sure to include "Appeal:" followed by your or your company's name in the subject and the following details in the body of the email:

  1. The URL of the affected profile.
  2. The reason given to you for the suspension
  3. Why you think this action was unwarranted.
  4. Any extenuating circumstances we should know about.

Note - these decisions are final unless otherwise noted, and, due to the nature of this process, emails or messages sent to AngelList employees outside of this process won't be considered and aren't able to change the outcome.

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