How do I recruit on AngelList?

To get started using recruiter tools you will need to set up or gain access to a company profile.

The first step to gain access to an existing or new company is to setup a personal user profile that will act as a login to for both your user profile and access to recruiting mode for your company.

Please note: Your user profile should reflect your personal identity and not the name of the company. You can connect a user profile to multiple company accounts, and you can also disconnect from a company profile and leave a company profile intact.  Please note: our code of conduct for using Angellist here. 

To set up a user profile please click here and sign up. 

Once you have a user profile, you will need to either gain access to an existing company or create a new company profile. To search to see if a company already exists go to and search for the company from the top right search field. 

Please note our code of conduct for using Angellist here. 

To set up a new company profile: 

1. Sign into your user profile 

2. Go to

3. Follow the onboarding steps to follow through with setting up the new company. 

To gain access to an existing company profile: 

1. Search for the company page by going to and using the top right search field and navigate to the company profile page.

2. If the company's page has a notice at the top that says "This is a community-generated profile. If you would like to claim it, please contact us'  click on Contact Us to put in a claim. Make sure that your user profile has information that shows the connection between you and the company. We usually process these claims every few business days. 


2. If the company does exist but you do not see this notice that means that you need to get permission from a current admin for the company profile. If you do not know who this is at the company you work at, please reach out to for help determining who to connect with. 

3. If you know the admin, please have them follow this guide to add you as a recruiter/admin to the company profile: How do I invite my colleague to recruit for my team?

Once you have been added by a teammate, or approved by Angellist product support, you'll have rights to the page so you can make updates and recruit.

Getting Started with Recruit

Once you have an account set up you'll want to explore our recruiting tools. We different options depending on your location, budget and hiring needs.

Recruiter tools include: 

  • Free job posting and limited sourcing. To get started click here.
  • Access to Source for $250 per recruiter per month for access to advanced filters and 2.5M active and passive candidates. For more information on how to use Source click here.
  • Access to Curated candidates, vetted and qualified by our team. Curated candidates are limited to top tier software engineers, designers, product managers, data science and sales candidates in the United States.Curated is not available for all companies and regions, please click here to find out more information. 
  • Use of Promoted Jobs to help make job listings more visible on qualified searches and to increase number of qualified applicants. To find out more about Promoted Jobs click here. 

Get started here.

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