How can I get more visibility for my jobs?

Startups are ranked on several algorithmic factors including: 

  • the quality of your startup profile
  • your level of activity
  • how candidates respond to your startup.

If you'd like to increase your visibility, you should:

  1. Make sure your profile is filled out completely, including tagging all team members, investors, advisors, etc. It's helpful if all people associated with your startup also have complete profiles, including their work / investment history. Add compelling screenshots to your profile.
  2. Be descriptive and persuasive in your job listings and descriptions. Fill out all the sections on your jobs page so that candidates have as much information as possible.
  3. Use AngelList regularly. Be responsive to all candidates who reach out to you.
  4. Promoted jobs are a paid upgrade that pushes your job to the top of qualified candidates' searches.
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