How can I improve odds that my application will be accepted by a start-up?

When you apply for a role, recruiters get a summary containing your profile photo, mini-resume, application note and previous job titles, and a link to the resume on your profile. Of course, they may research other details, but these following tips can go a long way in putting the best foot forward:

Keep your profile sharp Make sure your AngelList profile photo is high resolution and shows your face clearly. Your mini-resume should be an engaging one-liner, whether it’s creative, or a more methodical approach of naming past companies you’ve worked at and who you are.

Stay relevant Tailor your application note to the start-up you’re applying to. Be sure to reference prior achievements that will make you a good fit for the role. Don’t be afraid to back up your achievements with metrics and concrete examples (e.g. managed a team vs. managed a team of 3 engineers).

Proof-read Double Triple check your application note, mini-resume and experience section for incorrect spelling and poor grammar. Remember, your first impression is crucial!

Consistency is key Ensuring that the information on your AngelList profile matches with all other online records, including links to LinkedIn and GitHub if possible.

Stay active Don't just say "Yes" to a burst of companies at once then sit back and wait for replies to come in. Consistent activity and responsiveness (even if it's to pass on jobs) affects your position in search results.

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