What are Covid Verified hiring badges?

To help our candidates and companies connect, we produced a feature called 'Verified Hiring Badges' to help indicate when a company is actively hiring. 

COVID: Verified Hiring badge

When you scroll through lists of jobs, you’ll be able to see which companies are actively recruiting. They’re marked with green “COVID: Verified Hiring” badges.

These badges are created based on two sources:

  • Company confirmation that they are still hiring. 
  • Actual usage data on AngelList. We have visibility into whether companies are still connecting with candidates. We use this data as an input to the badge.

How can our company get a Verified Hiring Badge? 

If your company is hiring right now, let us know by posting new jobs to AngelList, or email us at talent@angel.co to confirm your currently-posted jobs.

Please read the feature release for more information. 

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