Community guidelines

No spam

Spammy behavior (mass-messaging, etc) results in a lower-quality, lower-trust job marketplace.

For job-seekers: be earnest with you. Please don't spam job applications to companies. Take the time to read job listings and write thoughtful job notes to accompany your applications.

No advertising or solicitation

Don't use the job site to do stuff unrelated to jobs. For example: don't sell commercial products, training programs, investment opportunities, etc. Don't use AngelList to pull companies or users onto your own platform or product. Don't try to leverage our tools in order to crowdsource. 

No middlemen

We don't permit contingency posts, 3rd party recruiters, or other companies who build recruiting platforms. Don’t post jobs, apply to jobs, or contact candidates on behalf of companies. 

Be fair and accurate

Jobs should list real compensation for currently open positions at active companies - nothing contingent on future funding. Companies can’t charge application fees to candidates or require any kind of 3rd party site signup.

Candidates and companies must accurately represent themselves - we may remove profiles or suspend access pending verification if necessary.

Be professional

Treat candidates, companies, and the AngelList team with respect.

Reporting violations

You'll see "Report" links across the site - on company profiles, in job search results, etc. Use these to report companies.

Company profiles

Please provide as much detail as possible in your report. We review these carefully!

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